Liebe Fairwaykids Leser,
heute habe ich mich mit Calum McPherson getroffen. Calum ist Gründer von GolPhin for Kids und lebt mit seiner Familie im Mutterland des Golfsports – Schottland. Calum gibt uns etwas Einblick in seine Vergangenheit, wie er auf die Idee kam Kindergolfschläger zu bauen und wie Kinder und Jugendliche in Schottland Golfspielen lernen.
Natürlich fand das Interview in Englisch statt.
Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

Hello Calum, how are you?

Fine, Thank you!

You live in Scotland. The motherland of golf. How did you get to golf?

I was lucky ! My primary school had a golf trophy to play for and my friends and I all wanted to win it ! Also my father was a golf enthusiast and our family business manufactured golf clubs going back 50 years – so golf was and remains in my DNA

When did you start golfing?

At the age of 7 on short pitch and putt golf courses – back then Scotland had hundreds of 9 hole short courses , ideal for kids in the beginning . God knows we need these back today !

Are there many children in Scotland who play golf?

Sadly participation has dropped off so right now it’s less than 1 in 200 kids aged 12 or younger plays golf – it’s our mission to change this working with schools , golf clubs , coaches , parents and ofcourse kids to make golf fun and easier to learn . That’s why we do what we do . Every country we work with faces similar challenges in attracting kids to play golf . Our products and curriculum are all designed to make it fun , engaging and easier for golf clubs to Recruit , Retain and Reward children in to the great game.


What must a child do in Scotland to play on a golf course?

Our schools program is the starting point – we are providing free access to beginners fun golf making the kids to WANT to CHOOSE golf . By making it fun and engaging at school where kids are having fun with their friends , the kids DEMAND to their parents that they WANT to play golf . Then the parents have no choice , the kid is CHOOSING and the parents invariably will always support their kids desires . This is a complete change from the traditional hopeful approach when parents take the kids hoping they will enjoy it . Groups of kids CHOOSING the sport is the way forward .

GFK910 von GolPhin

What is a typical youth training in Scotland?

We have developed a Pathway program which helps golf coaches structure a junior program . It provides golf clubs and coaches with a process map and protocol enriched with ideas and videos to make the kids journey from Beginners to Winners a fun filled and inspiring experience . It also has a digital platform for kids to upload their REWARDS  as they progress through Skills Challenges and Short Course stages . Videos accessibly to the kids and parents also helps the kids with independent practice ideas , ideal for kids to Play – Practice-Play.

How did you get the idea to found a company like GolPhin for Kids?

Golf for me and my family is the greatest sport for so many reasons . It’s like life , it presents challenges , opportunities , creates prospects for life long friendships and perhaps above all it teaches us a lot about ourselves – our strengths , our frailties , our abilities to handle both success and failure . It today’s turbulent world we all live in , I believe golf is the best sport to help kids ( and adults ) about life skills . Humility , respect , trust , integrity , concentration , coordination and many more – all tried tested and developed by playing golf . My passion is to ensure as many kids as possible are provided with the gift of golf .

What is special about GolPhin for Kids?

We aim inspire kids to choose golf by developing and delivering fun easy to play golf. The science behind our clubs , borrowed from my 18 yrs working in the aerospace industry , are bespoke for kids biomechanics . Easy to swing , gets the ball in the air and most of all makes golf fun . We reinvest cask made for selling clubs to create programs like schools and Pathway – our passion simply put , to inspire golf’s next generation

Thank you for your time!

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