When we work with children we are in a very privileged position to have the opportunity to help and support their growth as young people and golfers.

The way a junior golfer develops is dependent on so many different aspects but we can simplify it by looking at the model shown above

It shows how each one of the three elements interact with each other to help shape and influence a players growth

The Inner circle , lifestyle and environmental factors all pull together to influence how the child develops. We have created the following wheels to help you reflect and access how your current junior and junior section life is operating.

Each section you can measure and put a cross on the ring which best reflects where you feel you are with that aspect. The inner ring is worst and the outside ring is the best. A player or coach /parent/ can fill out the wheels and then join the crosses together to form their own wheel. Then you have a very visual reflection of where you stand at moment and which areas are very good and which areas can be improved which have the best impact. The aim is to see how well rounded and large the wheels can become as then they will “flow” better towards your goals !

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