Helping Children to look at situations through the appropriate “lenses”

One of the important roles we have as supporters of children and as parents is to help them look at situations and experiences through different lenses. This means seeing a situation or reflecting on an experience in a way that is helpful for their development and performance.  Research tell us that by doing this it can not only create habits of perspective changing that triggers more healthy thought processes but also on occasions can activate physical changes in the bio-chemistry of the body. An example of this is when people look at a situation through the “threat” glasses or through the love the “challenge”  glasses.  In the threat mode the blood vessels get smaller but looking at the same situation through the challenge lenses, the blood vessels become larger , just like they do in moments of joy and courage! ( Psychologist Kelly McGonigal Stanford University) There is a physical and mental change that allows a child to be more couragous and to have access to all areas of the brain in order to think clearly and make good decisions.

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