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We at fairway kids are truly passionate about junior golf which is why we have provided a platform which all juniors and supporters of Junior golfers can use to help young players of the game flourish.

Our aim is to allow young enthusiastic golfers to develop not only as golfers but also as people through the support and learning environment that we offer. In order to do this we know how important the inner circle of people and influencers are for juniors. The grandparents, parents, coaches, junior captains/organizers and mentors all play an essential role in how the child develops therefore we provide help and encouragement for all involved within the environment of junior golf so that the child can grow in the best possible way.

At the heart of what we do is our blog. The blog is how we started to get our message across many years ago and we have continued to present new articles each Monday ever since. We offer a variety of topics which include practice methods, mental and athletic training, equipment tests, positive parenting and much more. We would be really happy if you could also share the articles with your friends fellow golfers and family also via social media so the message can spread!

Our second key method of supporting junior golf is what we call the fairway kids golf podcast. Every two weeks on a Wednesday we post a new and exciting episode using guest speakers from all over the world to come and share their knowledge and wisdom with you. To make sure you can benefit from our podcast please connect to us via Apple podcast or Spotify. Apple Podcast oder Spotify.

All our articles and podcasts are free of charge so that we can support you with your junior golf development.

Thank you very much for your interest. Your Fairwaykids Team!

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